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Buy Clitoral Sucking Vibrators. Here are the greatest clit-sucking vibrators money can buy, whether you’re seeking for budget-friendly brands like Satisfyer and Womanizer or upscale ones like Lora DiCarlo and LELO (complete with rave reviews from v happy customers).

What is a clit-sucking vibrator?

An instantaneous orgasm can be produced by a clit-sucking vibrator by combining air, suction, and a little vibration. Manufacturers of some of the top toys on the market right now include companies like Womanizer and Satisfyer. Even in less than 60 seconds, some women have allegedly experienced orgasms.

Similar in appearance to the ear thermometers doctors use on young patients is a clit-sucking vibe. It has a nozzle on the top and is designed like the number 8. This nozzle crosses the clitoris glans (the part on the outside of the labia). Then, using a variety of possible patterns, it suctions onto the clit.

These toys “employ an unbelievable wave-like pulse to entice the clitoris into orgasms that are off the charts,” according to Megwyn White, a sexual wellness specialist and resident sexpert for Satisfyer. Many [clitoris-owners] claim that this stimulation is unlike any other they have ever had, drawing the clitoris out to play and engage in higher levels of trust and surrender while inviting the entire body to open to experiencing waves of pleasure.

According to Cole, these toys have ergonomic designs and are silent, both of which are essential for couple’s play. You won’t be distracted by a vibrator’s buzzing and won’t have to worry about feeling threatened by a sex item. Everyone benefits from it.

What distinguishes a clit suction toy from a standard vibrator?

Usually, the vibrations from air-pulsing toys do not excite the labia (although some have a vibration option). Contrary to clitoral toys, which frequently sit around the head, vibrators are frequently made to press directly against the clitoris. Rechargeable suction toys still need to be charged and cleaned, just like traditional toys. Many also have waterproof bodies that can be used in the shower or tub.

A Sex Therapist's Picks For the Best Suction Vibrators

Everything you've come to anticipate from a vibrator is broken by suction sex toys. To begin with, focused waves of suction-y pleasure replace strong thrusts and pulses. Another benefit is that they are made to stimulate the clitoris, which is essential for getting the big O.

According to Dr. Kate Balestrieri, a professional psychologist and certified sex therapist, "conventional vibrators employ the power of vibration to tease the clit, whereas a suction vibrator uses a different technology to evoke the sense of being sucked."

According to Dr. Balestrieri, "around 37% of women report not achieving an orgasm from unassisted vaginal penetration alone—no clitoral stimulation. Women responded that between 51 and 60 percent of them experience orgasm when the clitoris is stimulated during penetration. Clitoral vibrators that are best sellers. #1. Non-Contact Clitoral Sucking Pressure-Wave Technology, Waterproof, and More in the Satisfier Pro 2 Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator.

Suction toys for clits are they useful for beginners?

When utilizing vibrators for the first time, these clit stimulators might be very helpful for people who aren't accustomed to skin-on-skin touch or friction against the vulva. According to O'Reilly, "These clitoral toys are fantastic for first-timers, because many are designed to fit around the head of the clitoris to provide indirect stimulation," adding that certain devices also come with attachments that make it simpler to personalize the experience: For instance, the Womanizer toys include interchangeable heads so you may choose the appropriate size.

It comes down to personal preference, just like all sex devices. Others believe the sensation of clit-sucking vibrators is too powerful, while some people find it to be perfectly exquisite. Finding the ideal sex toy is similar to the story of Goldilocks: some toys might be too much or too little, but with some trial and error, you'll find one that's just right.

How do you use it?

The founder of Organic Loven and sensual educator Taylor Sparks advises, "Adjust how snug the fit is surrounding the clitoris. Depending on how sensitive you are, a lighter or closer fit will be more comfortable for you. Given that the clitoris is thought to have 8,000 nerve endings, start with a gentle suction. She cites it as essential to be aware of how much you can and want to handle.

She continues by saying that if you're having partnered sex, you can usually grasp the handle with your hand or your thighs while being penetrated from behind. As your lover uses the device on your clitoris, Sparks explains that you can also be penetrated from behind if you're in the "doggy" position or have your vulva massaged with their fingers or tongue to increase arousal and excitement.

People should "start low and gradually," advises Sofiya Alexandra, cofounder and cohost of the sex podcast Private Parts Unknown, telling Glamour that "some of these gadgets can be really intense for first-time pleasure buying or if you've never used a toy specifically made for the clitoris."

Furthermore, just though these devices are contactless does not preclude the usage of lubricant. The other half of Private Parts Unknown, sex writer Courtney Kocak, exclaims, "Lube it up, honey!" These toys are made to be used with lubricant, which can improve the experience and prevent it from feeling like sex with a piece of plastic. Here are many of the top clit suckers that professionals suggest.

The Buzz About Clitoral Vibrators

Adam & Eve offers a wide variety of clitoral toys that are sure to please your most sensitive areas, from well-known brands like Womanizer, Satisfyer, and We-vibe to everything in between.

Finger Vibrators

For those who wish to include clitoral stimulation during intercourse, finger vibrators are ideal. They are strong, discreet, and non-intrusive, so they won't interfere with your partner's pleasure or restrict your ability to move in any way.


Over the years, rabbit vibrators have been among the most popular, particularly for solitary play. Rabbits, which are renowned for their extraordinary strength and many functions, also permit simultaneous pleasure with a variety of purposes. Many of the shaft's components may spin, swirl, and tantalize with twisting beads in addition to vibrating, getting right up close to your most delicate parts.

Bullets & Eggs

You can tease and tickle all of your erogenous zones with your bullet or egg vibrator, which is compact and sleek. The powerful and silent motors of these vibrators are ideal for both foreplay alone and foreplay with a lover.


The majority of these clitoral vibrators resemble butterflies and have broad wings and antennae to stimulate the entire area. They typically include straps, allowing you to wear your clitoral vibrator throughout any activity, including sex.

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