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The benefits of sex toys for couples

Unexpectedly few heterosexual couples are able to consistently achieve the heights of sex, despite the fact that a shared orgasm is considered one of the greatest pleasures of sex. Only 46% of women in a 2016 research said they almost usually or always went into orgasm when they got it on, compared to over 90% of men.

A simultaneous orgasm has a variety of known advantages, including the chance to share in the wonderful sex afterglow simultaneously, which fosters connection and bonding. Investing in couple’s sex toys that you can use together is actually healthy for your relationship because studies have shown that this sexual “glow” can persist for up to 48 hours after you get jiggy, and the deeper the bond, the better the connection in the long run.

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Best Sex Toys For Couples Of The Decades, Per Sex Therapists: Vibrators, Rings, Wands, And More

It’s no secret that sex toys are a fun way to mix things up in (and outside of) the bedroom. And while they’re obviously very fun to use solo, couples sex toys are a great way to up the ante and take more control of your pleasure when you’re with a partner, too.

Of course, fingers, mouths, and genitals can go far, but vibrators, sex toys, and other fun accessories like bondage can open up new doors and avenues to O-town—and, sex experts agree. “Toys are a great asset to increase arousal,” says Jenni Skyler, PhD, certified sex therapist. “It’s kind of like, you can make a fire with flint. But if you have some gas lighter, it’s going to go a little more smoothly for you.”

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